Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A vibrant, confident, proud, peaceful and Self Reliant Telangana that is well developed and prosperous akin to Punjab region of India. To help restore and build the identity, pride & self respect of Telanganites and to be a part of developed, prosperous & vibrant Telangana region.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for all the like-minded, passionate & sympathetic people who understand and share the culture, heritage and values of Telangana, to participate in its socio-economic development.

Our Goal

  • Build a common platform for the NRT community
  • Preserve, promote and protect our rich culture, heritage, literature and values within and beyond the Telangana region.
  • Help the community, with focus on Telangana through charitable works.
  • Undertake Educational, Development and other Projects with focus on Telangana region.

The Community recognizes the existence of a need for collective action on part of the NRTs to realize a common dream – to be prosperous & vibrant Telanganites and to be associated with such a region. It believes that it takes everyone in the community working together for a better and brighter future. To this effect, building a social networking community with all the like-minded people is utmost important and a priority to this organization.

Membership to the community is open and members are not discriminated for their caste, region, religion, race or sex. Membership drives from time to time through various ways including the organization’s website. To fund the community activities, in addition to conducting fundraising events, members would be encouraged to actively volunteer, donate and sponsor various programs and activities.

Promoting Telangana Culture

Telangana region has a rich history, heritage, culture and literature and it is important to preserve and promote these inheritances, by celebrating festivals and organizing cultural and literary events

It is decided that Telangana Community will organize the following events every year.

  • An “Annual Telangana (Cultural) Day” (in Winter)
  • A Picnic – ‘Vanta/Vana Bhojanaalu’ (in Summer)
  • Bathukamma & Dasara Festival (in Fall)

The organization may also conduct other Fund raising, sports, cultural and entertainment events

Charitable Works/Helping Hands

The organization truly understands the meaning of a ‘community’ and the importance of helping the needy. In addition, it will reach out to the poverty stricken people of the Telangana region with various charity works like.

  • Educational funding.
  • Child health
  • Housing
  • Supporting the old & disabled.
  • General health & dental camps to promote health awareness
  • Helping victims of disaster, accident and other unfortunate events
  • Coordinating with other charitable foundations with shared goals

Telangana Community will also actively work to help other people in US and across the globe, by undertaking local community services (within USA).

Undertaking Projects

As the major objective of Telangana Community is to develop the Telangana region through various means, it believes in the collective effort to help uplift the social, economic and general living conditions of the underdeveloped areas of the region. The c0ommunity also believes that the three basic building blocks for a sustainable better quality of life are – Education, Income & Health and that by undertaking or funding those projects, the development of the area is possible

Our aim is to fund or undertake projects in one or more of the following areas in partnership/collaboration with the following entities.

  • Local Government/Administration
  • Local Communities
  • Local Charitable Foundations

Education & Awareness

  • Basic Education & Schooling Facilities
  • Model School Programs
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education for Children with Special Needs
  • Adult Literacy & Continuing Education
  • Computer Aided Learning
  • Literary Activities

Economic Well Being & Income Generation

  • Saving Schemes
  • Self Employment Schemes
  • Small Business Schemes
  • Encouraging Cash Crops
  • Job Creation
  • Vocational Courses
  • Encouraging Vocational Trades

Health & Environment

  • Sanitation & Waste Management
  • Potable Drinking Water
  • Hygiene
  • Health Camps
  • Medical Supplies
  • Disability & Rehabilitation
  • Eye & Dental Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Conserving & Managing Natural Resources
  • Save the Environment

Infrastructure & Better Living

  • Better Roads
  • Underground Drainage/Sewer
  • Cost-effective Housing with proper ventilation & lighting

Sports & Recreation

  • Establishing Sports facilities and Clubs
  • Children’s Play Parks
  • Organizing Competitive Sports Tournaments
  • Organizing Annual ‘Jathara’/’Mela’/’Santha’
  • Organizing Cultural & Literary Activities

Women Empowerment

  • Providing increased opportunities for women in employment, business and politics
  • Educating and Protecting against domestic violence

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