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Greater Atlanta Telangana Society (GATeS), invites nominations for five (5) three-years term positions of Directors. Elected Directors shall serve GATeS for a period of 3 years.


  1. Any person who is a Life Member for at least 24 months (including membership in TCI – Telangana Community, Inc.) and had served as Chair/Member of any Committee or
  2. Past directors (either in GATeS or TCI) who served for a single term
  3. Proposer and Seconder should be members of GATeS

Preference will be given to:

  1. Persons who has actively participated, volunteered in GATeS Events from past 2 years
  2. Persons who has helped with GATeS Charity Events from Past 2 years.
  3. Persons who are doing charity services in India or US from Past 2 years either through GATeS or any other community organizations (Please submit Photos, Videos or news articles).


  1. Nomination Form can be downloaded from our website.
  2. Deadline for Nomination submission is 11/27/2022.
  3. Please write cover letter, covering following details (Introduction, Telugu Community Service Experience, GATeS Community Services Experience, Attach photos or media, What you can Bring(Donations, new members, services ) to Gates, If you became a GATeS BOD Director.
  4. Completed Nomination Form with Signatures of Nominee, Proposer and Seconder must be submitted to GATeS Election Committee no later than the date specified in the notification.
  5. Nominations can be submitted by email to (or) mailed to GATeS address:1255 Peachtree Pkwy, Suite 4202, Cumming GA 30040.
  6. Nominations received after deadline shall not be entertained.
  7. For any communication related to elections, reach out the Election Committee by email to

2022 Elections Nominating Committee

Sunil Gotoor, Chair

Anitha Nellutla, Member

Venkat Veeraneni, Member

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