GATeS takes pride in the land its people come from. We have been supporting welfare activities providing food, shelter, education and rural development.


With the help of donors, GATeS have been successful in working towards the welfare of society


Come meet our Executive Committee and other significant members who continuously strive towards GATeS’ role in welfare.


At GATeS, our mission is to take up a range of activities that contribute to the welfare of people at need.
Our track record has been our primary motivation to do more for the society.

GATeS proactively engages with the society and the community and organises many activities for its members.

Food Drives

Our culture preaches the good deed of donating food. At GATeS, we organise food drives for the needy, thanks to our donors and members.

Women Centric Initiatives

GATeS focusses on empowering women and provides equal opportunities to women showcasing promise

Health Awareness

GATeS takes pride in a healthy society. To spread awareness, we organise health camps and awareness drives.

Blood Donation Drive

For people in need, blood donors come to the rescue. We save lives by organising blood donation camps.

Business Orientation

A successful business needs support from the network. We organise events that help startups reach their network and customers.

Social Welfare Activities

Orphans, Elders, Homeless and Poor, often need support from people who are generous. GATeS is a gateway to helping the society

Adopting of Highways

At GATeS, we take up activities for litter clean-up on highways, particularly by school kids.